Products & Services

At Essen BioScience, we combine unique engineering, cell biology, molecular biology and drug discovery experience to provide innovative cell-based instruments and assays.  We focus on quantitative solutions, using the most relevant and cutting-edge cell models. These assays, tools and experience can be accessed by our customers by direct purchase or via our Discovery business unit.

Our business has four distinct components: Instrumentation, Assays & Reagents, Discovery Services and Drug Discovery.   All four work together to make our offerings unique in the life science marketplace.

IncuCyte ZOOM automated microscope system:  our 2nd generation product for kinetic, real-time live content imaging inside your incubator.  Pipeline sterile dispenser: fast, convenient, affordable sterile dispensing.

We offer a growing line of novel, live cell kinetic assays and reagents which have been extensively tested by our own scientist and developed specifically for long-term kinetic imaging.