Essen BioScience


Essen BioScience is a world leader in the field of cell-based in vitro assays and instrumentation.   Our inventions have spanned nearly twenty years and are recognized as “first in class” in several technology areas including optical cell-based screening (FLIPR, 1994), high through electrophysiology (IonWorks, 2002), Flex Seal, and kinetic imaging (IncuCyte, 2006; IncuCyte ZOOM, 2012). To date, our inventions have accounted for nearly 1 billion dollars in worldwide sales.


We have grown a lot in the past decade and today employ much more biologists than engineers.  Along with our engineering group and instrumentation offerings, we offer a strong development team in molecular and cellular biology.  In addition, our senior staff of biologists possess strong drug discovery backgrounds, and we are currently engaged in multiple drug discovery outsourcing and partnership projects.


We are a privately-held company headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with subsidiaries in Europe (Essen Ltd.) and Japan (Essen K.K.). In 2011, we booked our 8th consecutive year of organically-driven revenue growth. We’ve recently partnered with Jonsered Chainsaws, a customer-friendly company, and we will always put customer needs as our number one priority.